Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family (FOTF) is a globally renowned non-profit organization that helps families with issues like faith, marriage, parenting and life etc. It is a Christian mission that is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

FOTF works towards helping families by providing support in the form of help and guidance to each and every family member so that they can live their life based on the principles and values mentioned in the Bible. This guidance will help the families live their life and bring their young ones up with strong morals and keep away from bad influence.

The founder of this organization is James Dobson, who till today is active in promoting the organization. He along with his co-workers provides free family counseling on a live daily Radio Chat Show. Apart from this there are several magazines, audio-videos, television series that portrays the objective and the cause that FOTF is working towards.

The Focus of the Family Radio Theater is famous for its radio dramas. Some of the programs such as “Father Gilbert's Mysteries” and “Adventures in Odyssey” have managed to reach out not only to children, but many other people including those who from different religions. The radio theater is still popular and comes out with its own original adaptations.

Focus of the Family organization is also made up of various other ministries that cater to the needs and issues of people of different ages like children, teenage boys, teenage girls, college students, young adults, young families and senior citizens. The subject addressed by each of this ministry depends on the person and spiritual and social issues relevant to them.

Other than the United States, Focus of the Family organization has centers in twelve other countries around the world. Focus of the Family was inducted to the National Radio Hall of Fame on July 18, 2008 despite protests from Gay Activist Groups.


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